Pike Road, Alabama

Pike Road is a town in Montgomery County, Alabama, in central Alabama. The County Seat of Montgomery County is Montgomery. The mayor of Pike Road is Gordon Stone, and the population of the town is 5,406 people. The town offices are located on Vaughn Road.

Town of Pike Road
9575 Vaughn Rd
Pike Road, AL 36064

Town of Pike Road Facebook Page

There is limited crime information available for Pike Road. As of May 2018, there were 12 registered sex offenders living in Pike Road.

Pike Road, Alabama – Police Station and Crime Statistics

There is limited crime data available for Pike Road for the year 2016, but the estimated crime rate is 1,132 per 100,000 persons. This is much lower than the Alabama state crime rate of 3,480 per 100,000 persons and the United States crime rate of 2,837 per 100,000 persons. Property crimes are the most common crimes reported in Pike Road.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office provides police services to Pike Road. The sheriff’s office is located in Montgomery. Derrick Cunningham is the Sheriff. Inmates are held at the Mac Sim Butler Detention Facility. Sonja M. Pritchett is the Director of Detention.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office
115 S Perry St
Montgomery, AL 36103

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Pike Road, Alabama – Open Records Requests

Open Records Requests must be submitted through the Town Clerk, Lisa Burke. It’s the responsibility of the Town Clerk to ensure that accurate records are kept.

Lisa Burke
9575 Vaughn Rd
Pike Road, AL 36064