Highland Lake, Alabama

Highland Lake is a very small town in Alabama, just northeast of Birmingham and has a population of 412 people. Highland Lake is in Blount County, the County Seat of which is Oneonta. The mayor of Highland Lake is Connie B. Vice, whose office is located in Town Hall, which is on Lakeshore Drive.

Town of Highland Lake
612 Lakeshore Drive
Highland Lake, AL 35121

Town of Highland Lake Facebook Page

Connie B. Vice

The last year of available crime information for Highland Lake is 2010, and there were only 2 reported thefts. This gives Highland Lake a crime index of 15.3, which is dramatically lower than the US national crime index. There is 1 registered sex offender living in Highland Lake.

Highland Lake, Alabama – Police Station and Crime Statistics

There was limited crime information available for Highland Lake. The estimated crime rate for Highland Lake is 1,406 per 100,000 persons. For comparison purposes, Alabama has a state crime rate of 3,480 per 100,000 persons, and the United States has a national crime average of 2,837 per 100,000 persons. Property crime appears to be the most commonly reported crime in Highland.

The Highland Lake Police Department is also located on Lakeshore Drive, and Scott Kon is the Chief of Police. The Police Department employs one other police officer.

Highland Lake Police Department
612 Lakeshore Drive
Highland Lake, AL 35121

The Blount County Sheriff’s Office is the larger police department, and the office is run by Sheriff Loyd Arrington. The Sheriff’s Office is located in Oneonta, on Industrial Park Road.

Blount County Sheriff’s Office
225 Industrial Park Road
Oneonta, AL 35121

Blount County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page

Highland Lake, Alabama – Open Records Request

Open Records Requests should be submitted through the Town Hall. Cheryl Storey is the Town Clerk.