New Hope, Alabama

New Hope, Alabama, is a city located west of Huntsville, in Madison County. Huntsville is the County Seat of Madison County. The population of New Hope is 2,810 people. The mayor of New Hope is Butch Taylor, and his office is located in the City Hall on Main Drive.

City of New Hope
City Hall
5484 Main Dr.
New Hope, AL 35760

City of New Hope Facebook Page

Butch Taylor, Mayor

In 2016, there were no murders or rapes reported in New Hope. There were 2 reported robberies, 6 reported assaults and 11 reported burglaries. There were also 19 reported thefts and 3 reported auto thefts. This gave the city a crime index of 127.6, which is lower than the United States national crime index of 283.1. There were 10 registered sex offenders living in New Hope, as of May 2018.

New Hope, Alabama – Police Station and Crime Statistics

There were 41 reported crimes in New Hope for the year 2016. The crime rate for New Hope is 1,465 per 100,000 persons, which is lower than the Alabama state crime rate of 3,480 per 100,000 persons and the United States national crime rate of 2,837 per 100,000 persons. Property crimes are the most commonly reported crimes in New Hope.

The New Hope Police Department is also located Main Drive, and the Chief of Police is Steven Dick. The police department employs 4 other police officers.

New Hope Police Department
5496 Main Dr.
New Hope, AL 35760

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is the larger police department, located in Huntsville, and the office is run by Sheriff Kevin H. Turner. The Sheriff’s Office is located in Huntsville, and department divisions include a civil division, corrections, patrol, criminal investigations, SWAT, and school resource officers.

Madison County Sheriff’s Office
603 Fiber Street
Huntsville, AL 35801

New Hope County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page

Kevin H. Turner, Sheriff

There is a jail on the premises. Inmates must be incarcerated for a minimum of 30 days before they can receive visitors. Appointments for visitation must be made via phone the week prior to a scheduled visit. Appointments are made on a first come, first serve basis, and inmates may receive up to 3 different visitors per visitation day. Visitation days vary by an inmate’s location in the jail. Chad Brooks is the Jail Administrator.

Main Facility Visitation:

Housing 1 and 2: Units A – K
These units receive visitation on Wednesday 0800 to 1430 hrs.

Tower Facility:

L-Floor Tuesdays 8:00am – 4:00pm
M-Floor Mondays 8:00am – 4:00pm
N-Floor Thursdays 8:00am – 4:00pm
P-Floor Fridays 8:00am – 4:00pm

Madison County Jail
815 Wheeler Ave NW
Huntsville, AL 35801
(256) 519-4800

Madison County’s most wanted fugitives can be found online.

New Hope, Alabama – Open Records Request

Open Records Requests should be submitted through the City Clerk’s office, and the City Clerk is Kim Cleveland. It is the City Clerk’s duty to ensure accurate records are kept of all city and election actions.

Kim Cleveland
5484 Main Dr.
New Hope, AL 35760
256-723-2616 ext. 213