Brilliant, Alabama

Brilliant, Alabama is a small town located in Marion County in northwest Alabama. Brilliant has a population of 900 people. The county seat of Marion County is Hamilton. The mayor of Brilliant is Perry Franks, and his office is located in City Hall, which is on Bostick Road.

Town of Brilliant
City Hall
323 Bostick Road
Brilliant, AL 35548

Perry Franks, Mayor
Town of Brilliant
323 Bostick Road
Brilliant, AL 35548

In 2016, there were no murders, rapes, or robberies in Brilliant. There were 2 reported assaults, 7 reported burglaries, and 7 reported thefts. There were 5 reports of auto thefts. The crime index for Brilliant was 178.2, far below the United States national crime index of 285.7 As of December 2017, there were 5 registered sex offenders living in Brilliant.

Brilliant, Alabama – Police Station and Crime Statistics

In 2016, there were a total of 21 reported crimes in Brilliant, which gives the town a crime rate of 2,384 per 100,000 persons. For comparison, the Alabama state crime rate is 3,480 per 100,000 persons, and the United States national crime rate is 2,837 per 100,000 persons. The most commonly reported crimes in Brilliant are thefts, burglaries, and property crimes.

The Police Department of Brilliant is located at 407 Main Street, and the Chief of Police is David Oliver.

Brilliant Police Department
407 Main Street
Brilliant, AL 35548

David Oliver, Chief of Police

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office also handles crime in the Brilliant area, and it’s located on Winchester Drive in Hamilton, Alabama. The Sheriff is Kevin Williams. Divisions within the Sheriff’s Office include patrol, investigations, a drug task force, jail administration, and a sex offenders division.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office
280 Winchester Drive
Hamilton, AL 35570

Marion County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page

Sheriff Kevin Williams

A list of most wanted people can be found within the website of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. The list can be sorted by name or date.

The Marion County Jail is located on the premises, and typically houses approximately 100 inmates at any given time. The Jail Administrator is Dawn Dodd.

Dawn Dodd, Jail Administrator

Brilliant, Alabama – Open Records Request

Open records requests can be submitted through the City Clerk of Brilliant, Kay Stanford. The City Clerk’s Office is located in City Hall.

Kay Stanford, City Clerk