Mount Vernon, Alabama

Mount Vernon is a town in Mobile County, Alabama, in the southern part of the state. Mobile is the County Seat of Mobile County. Mount Vernon has a population of 1,574 people, and the mayor is Terry Williams. The Town Hall is located on Boyles Avenue.

Mount Vernon Town Hall
1565 Boyles Avenue
Mt. Vernon, AL 36560

Mount Vernon Facebook Page

The most recent year for which crime information is available for Mount Vernon is 2010. In that year, there were no murders, rapes, or robberies in Mount Vernon. There were 10 reported assaults and 31 reported burglaries. There were also 43 reported thefts and 5 reported auto thefts. This gave the town a crime index of 768.0, which is significantly higher than the United States crime index of 304.3. As of April 2018, there were 4 registered sex offenders living in Mount Vernon.

Mount Vernon, Alabama – Police Station and Crime Statistics

In the year 2016, there were 72 reported crimes in Mount Vernon. This gave the town a crime rate of 4,775 per 100,000 persons. That is significantly higher than both the Alabama state crime rate of 3,480 per 100,000 persons and the United States crime rate of 2,837 per 100,000 persons. This most common crimes in Mount Vernon are thefts and property crimes.

The Mount Vernon Police Department is also located on Boyles Avenue.

Mount Vernon Police Department
1565 Boyles Avenue
Mt. Vernon, AL 36560

The larger police department in the area is the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, which is headed by Sheriff Sam Cochran, and is located on South Royal Street in Mobile. There are multiple divisions within the sheriff’s office, including administrative services, field operations, support services, and corrections.

Mobile County Sheriff’s Office
510 South Royal Street
Mobile, AL 36603

Mobile County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page

Sam Cochran, Sheriff

The Mobile County Metro Jail is managed by the sheriff’s office and typically houses about 1,500 inmates each day. The jail is located on St. Emanuel Street. Noah Price Oliver is the Warden of the jail. Visitation times are between 8 am and 11 am, and 2 pm to 5 pm. To find out the visitation days, call 251-574-4734. Appointments must be made for visitation one week in advance.

Mobile County Metro Jail
450 St Emanuel St
Mobile, AL 36601

Mobile County Warrants can be viewed online.

Mount Vernon, Alabama – Open Records Requests

Open Records Requests must be submitted through the Town Clerk, Theresa Weaver. The Town Clerk is responsible for ensuring that accurate records are kept and that elections are run properly.

Theresa Weaver
1565 Boyles Avenue
Mt. Vernon, AL 36560
251-829-6633 ext 11