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Colbert County Jail

107 W. 4th Street

Tuscumbia, AL  35674


County History:   

Colbert county was named for two Chickasaw Indian Chiefs George and Levi Colbert.  Originally established in 1867, it is also the birthplace of Helen Keller in Ivy Green.  It’s also home to a recording studio used by the Rolling Stones and Aretha Franklin plus the Key Underwood Coon Dog Memorial Graveyard.  Yes, the graveyard is only used for coon dogs!  

County Population:  54,520

Area Code(s):  256

Jail Website:

County Sheriff:  Frank Williamson, 256-383-0741

Deputy Sheriff:  Chief Deputy, James A. Heffernan

Chief of Police:  Refer to Sheriff Williamson

Police Department:  Refer to Sheriff Williamson

County Clerk:  Unknown

Inmate Search Instructions:

Visiting Hours

Visitation hours are Sunday from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Inmates are allowed fifteen (15) minute visits.  If an inmate or entire inmate section is locked down, inmate visitation may be denied.  The booking process can take a while; therefore, new inmates being booked into the jail will not be allowed visitation until the booking process is completed and the inmate is placed in his or her cell.

Sending mail to Inmates

Inmate mail must be addressed as follows:

Inmate Name

Colbert County Jail

107 W. 4th Street

Tuscumbia, AL  35674

Also, make sure inmate mail includes the sender’s name and return address.  Any inmate mail received without the sender’s information may be destroyed.  Also, we do not forward inmate mail to other facilities should they receive something after being transferred.

Sending funds to inmates

Money can be added to the inmate’s commissary account and you can write personal emails to our inmates if you go to the online link:;  or you may come to the jail any day of the week from 7am until 7pm and add funds to the inmate kiosk machine in the jail lobby with CASH, DEBIT CARDS or CREDIT CARDS.  

Working at Colbert County

An applicant to be eligible for appointment must:

  • Be not less than twenty-one years of age
  • Be certified by a Licensed Physician, designated by the Sheriff, as in good health and physically fit for the performance of the duties of a Law Enforcement Officer
  • Have graduated and received a regular or advanced High School Diploma or its equivalent. A certificate of High School Equivalency (GED) is acceptable
  • Be a citizen of the United States and a resident of the State of Alabama
  • Have a current active Alabama driver’s license
  • Be free from physical, emotional, or mental condition, which might adversely affect the performance of duties, determined by a physician’s examination.
  • Be of good moral character and reputation
  • Have no criminal record at all, except for minor traffic violations
  • Not, by reason of conscience or belief, be opposed to the use of force when appropriate or necessary to fulfill the required duties
  • Pass a civil service examination and be certified by that particular county’s Civil Service Commission, where in effect
  • Meet all Alabama Peace Officers Standard and Training Requirements
  • Pass a rigid background investigation (not only the applicant, but also the immediate family including parents, grandparents, and siblings)


  • Go by the Alabama State Employment Services Office at 500 South Montgomery Avenue in Sheffield, Alabama and pick up a Referral Form to bring to the Colbert County Sheriff’s Office at 201 N. Main Street, Tuscumbia, Alabama
  • Pick up an Employment Application from the Sheriff’s Office or complete the one linked below
  • Fill out the application and return it to the Sheriff’s Office.  You may be interviewed at the time of returning your application or asked to return at a set time

Application for Employment

Sex Offender Search:

Bail and Bail Bondsmen

A bond can be made one of three ways:

  • Cash Bond- (ONLY MONDAY – FRIDAY  8am – 4pm) Come to the jail and ask for a CASH BOND to be prepared.  The jailers will prepare you a cash bond and have the inmate sign it.  Then you will take this signed cash bond (and a $35 money order for the court fee) to the clerk’s office, on the 2nd floor of the courthouse. Then bring a copy of the receipt they give you to the jail and your bonding process will be complete.  
  • Property Bond If you have a property assessment printout from the Revenue Commissioners office, bring the property assessment printout to the jail for review.  If you do not have this printout it may be possible for our jailers to look up your property value on our computers.  Property must be valued at least as much as the total amount of the bond or greater. More than one piece of property can be used to make a bond, in which case the property values will be added together. All people listed as owners on the property assessment must be present to sign the bond.
    (There is a $35 money order required for the bond fee on ALL bonds)
  • Bail Bondsman- The bonding company must be licensed in Colbert County. Most bondsmen require ten percent (10%) of the bond amount as their fee.  (also you will need to bring the $35 money order required on ALL bonds to the bondsman when you meet them)

Bonding agencies licensed in Colbert County are:

  • Northwest Alabama Bail Bonding (256-483-2354)
  • Pinnacle Group LLC (256-320-5148)
  • Stonecipher Bail Bonding Co. (256-381-1575)
  • Tri-Cities Bonding Inc. (256-386-0609)

ALL bonds require a $35.00 bond-filing fee in the form of a money order.  The money order should be made out to the Colbert County Circuit Clerk and can be paid at the clerk’s office on the 2nd floor of the Colbert County Court House, within three (2) working days of the date of the bond.  (NO cash or personal checks will be accepted).  For questions concerning bonds, contact the Jail at 256-386-8551.

Colbert County Jail Address: 107 W 4th St, Tuscumbia, AL 35674

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