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Russell County Jail

305 Prentiss Drive

Phenix City, AL  36868


County History:   

With its county seat in Phenix City, this county was named in honor of Colonel Gilbert C. Russell who was in the Creek Indian Wars.  The county was established in 1832.  The county seat has been moved several times since 1833 and has remained in Phenix City since 1935.  

County Population:  59,585

Area Code(s):  334

Jail Website:  

County Sheriff:  Heath Taylor, 334-298-6535

Deputy Sheriff:  William Alexander, Chief Deputy, 334-298-6535

Country: USA

Address 1: 305 Prentiss Dr

City: Phenix City

State: AL

Zip Code: 36868-7249

County: Russell County

Phone #: 334-298-6535

Fax #: 334-291-7667

Chief of Police:  Refer to Sheriff Taylor

Police Department:  Refer to Sheriff Taylor

County Clerk:  Unknown

Inmate Search Instructions:  No information available

Visiting Hours

Inmate incarcerated in the Russell County Jail will be permitted to receive one twenty-minute visit every two weeks.  Visitation will be granted to inmates based on the first letter of their last name.

  • All inmates with the last name starting with the letters A-Mc will have visitation together
  • Inmate with the last name starting with the letters N-Z will have visitation together
  • No inmate incarcerated less than fourteen days will be permitted a visit
  • All inmates must complete a pre-approved visitation form prior to receiving any visits
  • Inmates may include up to six people they wish to be eligible to visit them
    • The persons listed will be the only persons allowed to visit the inmate excluding attorneys and clergy
    • Any person who has been incarcerated in the Russell County Jail within two years of the date they attempt to visit will be denied
  • Visitation will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays only
    • No appointment will be necessary
    • Visitors will be accepted on a first come, first served basis
    • All visitors must report to the jail fifteen minutes prior to their visit

Visitation hours will be from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sunday.  Each visit will be for twenty minutes.

Sending mail to Inmates:  No information available

Sending funds to inmates:  Inmates can receive additional funds in the form of a Debit Card to be added to their account

Working at Russell County:  

Sex Offender Search:  

Bail and Bail Bondsmen

When an inmate has been assessed a bond he/she may be released upon posting that bond through one of the following methods:  

  • Posting cash security in the amount of the bond plus all applicable surcharges and court cost
  • Use of a professional bondsman  
  • Posting a property bond

Private Citizens who are property owners (real estate) may sign bonds upon the approval of the sheriff or his designee.  Whoever signs a bond (the surety) is responsible to see the arrested person (the principal) is in court at the appropriate time and place for all court proceedings.  The bond signer (the surety) will be responsible to pay the full amount of the bond in the event that the principal fails to appear in court.  The following criteria applies for all property bonds:

  • Property must be located in Russell County unless otherwise approved
  • Bonds may only be signed for amount equal to or less than fifty percent (50%) of the acquired equity in the property if approved
  • You cannot use you own property to post bond yourself
  • You cannot use your own property to post bond for your spouse if spouse is co-owner
  • A security deed may be required at the Sheriff’s or his designee’s discretion, and must be presented along with applicable filing fees prior to release
  • All bonds are due and payable immediately upon forfeiture
  • Certain bonds require a $35.00 processing fee

Russell County Jail Address: 305 Prentiss Dr, Phenix City, AL 36869

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