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Butler County Jail

800 Walnut Street

Greenville, AL 36037


County History:   

Butler county is a combination of Conecuh and Monroe counties from 1819 and the county seat is Greenville.  The county name comes from Captain William Butler who fought in the Creek War and was killed in 1818.  The captain was originally from Virginia.  Pine Flat Methodist Church was the site of the first home, which was made from logs.  As other families came to the area, they created a settlement on Federal Road, very near Fort Dale location that was built later.  

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County Sheriff

Kenny Harden


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Police Department

114 North Academy Ave.

Butler, AL

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Inmate Search Instructions

Visiting Hours

The only phone calls that inmates are allowed to make are with a pre-paid phone card or account, or are collect calls.  Calls made in jail are generally costlier than phone calls made outside of jail.  There are certain restrictions about how often you can use the phone, but inmates must keep in mind lots of people want to use the phone – so you have to share.  If you are disciplined for an infraction, phone privileges may be limited or eliminated altogether.  The Butler County Jail phone number is: 334-382-3321

Sending mail to Inmates

All inmate mail has to be mailed using the actual US Postal Service. You must not use any other type of mail delivery. Clearly write the prisoner’s name, inmate ID number, and the address of the jail on the outside of the letter that you send. Do not send a package, envelope with padding, plastic bag, or an envelope with any metal in it. Any mail will be opened and examined by the jail officers, and the mail will get returned if deemed inappropriate.

Butler County Jail
800 Walnut Street
Greenville, AL 36037

Here is how you should address the letter:

Butler County Jail
800 Walnut Street
Greenville, AL 36037

The Butler County Jail mail policy changes, so you should check the site when you send a letter to an inmate there

Sending funds to inmates

You will have your own ‘bank account’ while in jail.  This money is used to purchase items from the Commissary.  Family and friends can deposit money into this account for you, and any money you earn while in prison will also be deposited into your account.  Outside money can be paid in to your account via a money order, cash or check.  If someone sends a check or money order, make sure that they write your inmate ID on it.  The maximum amount you are allowed in your account is $290 per month.  The procedure to send money to inmates is always changing, so it would be best to visit the site when you send money to an inmate.

Working at Butler County Jail

The Deputy Sheriff is the second in command at the Butler County Jail, overseeing the day to day operations and administration of the jail.  An inmate is unlikely to have much interaction with the Deputy Sheriff, unless they have committed an infraction.  Detention Officers are responsible for the custody and care of the inmates.  They maintain order in the jail, and handle security.  A Detention Officer is assigned to a certain pod, and therefore is responsible for the same inmates each day.  They get to know the inmates on a certain level, and are well equipped to handle any problems that may occur.


  • You have to be over the age of 21
  • You have to possess a High School Diploma or GED
  • You have to be a US Citizen
  • You have to pass a Criminal, Credit and Driving History background check
  • You have to pass a drug test
  • You have to have a good level of fitness
  • You have to be in good health
  • You have to have a valid Driver’s License
  • An applicant for Deputy Sheriff must possess a Law Enforcement Certification

Sex Offender Search

All registered sex offenders have to be registered on both a national and state sex offender database.  The people on these databases have been tried by jury and convicted in a court of law of a sex offense.  You are able to view these offenders on the website, but keep in mind that you won’t find the exact address, but only the address block they live on.

Bail and Bail Bondsmen

If you’re arrested and put in jail, your primary thought is about getting out. After you’ve gone through the booking process, your bail amount will be determined either by bail schedule or magistrate.  If no bail is set this might mean that you will either be released, or you must remain in jail until your trial.  If you do bail out of jail you will have to agree to show up for court, and until that date you are not allowed to leave the county.  Typically, an inmate will earn time off in exchange for good behavior if they don’t break the rules and don’t cause any problems while locked up.  If you prove to be trustworthy, you may be allowed to do work release. You will have to go back to the jail each day when you’re finished at your job, or you may have the chance to move into a halfway house instead of jail, so it is kind of like an early release.

If their bail has been set too high, of if you can’t pay it, you should use a bail bondsman.  Bail bondsmen will generally have a fee of 10-15% of the total bail amount, and sometimes charge a minimum charge of $100.  The amount you pay to the bondsman is non-refundable and bondsmen usually only accept cash. If bail is very large, the bail bondsman may use your assets as collateral in addition to the fee they charge.  To contact a bail bondsman, visit the links below.

Butler County Jail Address: 701 Cedar St, Greenville, AL 36037